based in Maui, Hawaii


Destination Floral and Foliage Designers


Floral arrangements that bring any Maui occasion to life.


we love flowers. It’s as simple as that.

You want your wedding to feel beautiful and come alive - and nothing does that quite like flowers.  

If you’re craving captivating arrangements that help bring all of your wedding design details together - you’re in the right place.


Hey, we’re Alex and Misa!

And we’re here to give you the bomb-ass flowers you've been dreaming about.

We’re Maui based florists (with our very own flower garden) and we put together drop-dead gorgeous flower arrangements for weddings and elopements throughout Maui.

To say we’re flower-obsessed is an understatement.


Let’s talk flowers.

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Love notes

Photographer:  Ajja Photography

Photographer: Ajja Photography

“OH MY GOSSSHHHH THIS CANNOT BE REAL. It’s better than I could’ve ever hoped!!”

“I’m tearing up and smiling ear to ear at the same time!! That is a beautiful piece and I can’t wait to carry it.”

Photographer:  Ajja Photography

Photographer: Ajja Photography