About Us!

Photographer:  Ben and Hope Photography

That’s us on our wedding day…

We were there not too long ago, 2015 to be exact. So we get it! This day is one that we will cherish forever. The memories made with our closest family and friends will last a life time, and we want to help you make those memories too. So let us tell you a bit about ourselves!


This is Aurora and Jasper! They too, love ice cream (so we’ve discovered). Jasper lives for chin rubs, and Aurora loves a good head scratch.


We’re Alex and Misa! That’s us in our cutting garden. Can you tell we love our flower children? We also love our furry children, all things disney, and have a serious ice cream problem.

Photo Feb 19, 3 45 34 PM.jpg
Photo May 16, 8 37 32 AM.jpg

Here’s Willow and Grizzly! They love begging for treats while we’re cooking, snuggling in bed, and they finally love each other!

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Photographers featured on this page: NV Maui Media // Ben and Hope Photography // The Ferns Photography